Six Trendy Basement Bar Ideas for Your Home

Since the onset of COVID19, we’ve all been spending a little more time at home, especially in the entertainment part of it. Is it time to update your entertainment area in your basement. Perhaps adding a bar or nook area? Are you hungry for ideas on what is trendy or hot right now? Remember when you are ready, TopShop can help provide you the right design for your home, and implement your special dream lounge. If a bar in your basement is on your project list, here are 6 trends for your basement bar:

1. Stylish Wall Bar (for small areas)

If your basement or the area you are looking at for a bar is small, Topshop could help you design the perfect stylish bar. Keeping it simple and easy, a wall bar might be right for your basement. Classy wood wall panels, with floating shelving and a quality countertop, with extra storage and a mini fridge could be the perfect solution for your dry bar. According to an article “59 Best Basement Bar Ideas”, (DIG, 2021) a stylish bar might be right for you, including a smaller budget. 

2. Under-the-Counter Storage Trending in 2021 has been a huge trend in under-the-counter storage cabinets. A benefit to having storage areas underneath is that it keeps the counters free of clutter. According to a recent article on basement trends from Brian Seybring (Bryan Sebring, 2021) Built-in microwaves, ice makers, beer kegerators, wine and beverage refrigerators are coming to the forefront in entertainment ideas, providing not only functional storage, but also a more “pub-feel”.

3. Add a Theme to Show Personality.  Themes in a basement bar area can add a distinctive appearance. If you enjoy rustic, hunting, sports, or even a game room theme like the photo below (Photo Credit to Decora Trends) provides a unique look and useful shelving to your entertainment area.

4. Showcase Cool Lighting. Special lighting around your bar might be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re looking for lighting online, visit Wayfair for bargains and ideas. Decora Trends provides inspiration in lighting and ideas for bars in this video. (Decora Trends, 2021) By adding lighted letters to your bar area adds to the vibe of the room as shown in this photo below from DIG. (DIG, 2021)

Lighted letters or cool lighting provides a special feature to any home bar.

5. Add a Unique or Trendy Backsplash to your Counter or Bar Area. As shown in the photo below by simply adding a rustic background with just the right lighting extenuates the bar/counter room. This can also be done with steel, etched tile, terracotta, ceramic and porcelain to name a few. The photo below from Pinterest shows this feature. (Lily Ann Cabinets, 2021)

Add a stylish background or backsplash to your cabinet/bar area.

6. Contrasting Colors – Counter to Cabinet. According to Jarett Designs, (Design, J. Jarett design, 2021) another trend is white cabinetry with a dark wood top. For basements tend to be darker, or have less light, this adds a contrasting eliminent to the mix. A clean look that pops as shown in the photo below.

Dark Wood Top with White CabinetryOverall basement bars can be a place to bring family and friends together. The social aspect of entertaining a group of people is an added benefit to creating a bar. If you’re thinking about remodeling, or adding a basement bar to your home, connect with the experts at Top Shop Countertops in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The crew can help you strategize and build a bar that fits your personality and your budget. Visit the showroom today or call (920) 434-4551 for a discovery meeting and we’ll provide you with great customer service that will bring you back time and time again for any countertop project that you have. For more information, visit the website at