Tips for Choosing the Best Finish for Your Laminate Countertops.

When choosing the best finish for your laminate countertops, there are many things to consider. To help you determine, the best finish and the most appropriate laminate for your home or business project, we’ve put together three tips. If you are looking for questions, or would like expert advice, feel free to reach out to Top Shop Countertops for non-biased, experienced based answers to your project questions. When choosing your laminate here are three tips:

Tip 1: Don’t Make a Hasty Color Decision. Take the time to test. Visit any countertop showroom, and pick three to four favorite color chips home for a week or more. According to Family Handyman’s article “How to Select Laminate Countertops” (Family Handyman, 2019) in addition to those four chips, make sure to have one or two “wild card” choices too. Put them on the counter for a week or two, observe them at night and in the daylight. Lay them up against the wall and get a feel for the one that grabs at your heart strings.

Tip 2: Choose a Matte Finish if You Have a Lot of Lighting Fixtures. Why? It’s less reflective, and it reduces glare according to “Light or Dark Countertops: What is Right For You?” (Christopher Miller, 2021) In contrast, according to The Kitchen Store (The Kitchen Store, 2019) “If you have a smaller kitchen, the pros may recommend a countertop with a glossy finish as the glare coming off of the surfaces can make the space look and feel larger.” Generally a lighter countertop presents a clean and crisp look. Matte finish also helps hide scratches and messes, however over time may be tougher to keep clean. Author, Miller says that Current market trends indicate that homeowners are choosing lighter countertops with darker cabinets, a combination that enhances the contrast between the two surfaces.” 

Tip 3: Run the Scratch Test on Your Sample Chips. If you choose a dark laminate you may have issues with scratching. Dark tends to highlight scratches more so than light colors. If dark is your preference however, try to find a pattern that disguises the scratches. It’s important to test each piece to see how easily it scratches. You can do this by running a serrated knife across the test pieces to see what happens.

Laminates today, offers a wide range of colors, patterns and designs, there are lots of different options. In fact, what was once considered cheap, or low-end countertops are now a much more affordable high quality laminate with great graphics that are used in homes and businesses all over the world. In an article published by Lee Wallender, “Laminate Countertop Review: Pros and Cons” (Wallender, 2020) the three top brands; Formica, Wilsonart and Nevamar are brands that Top Shop Countertop is proud to carry in its showroom. For more information or for questions you can reach Top Shop Countertops at or visit the showroom at 2170 Speaker Court in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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