4 Things To Remember When Designing Your Home Office Space

Photo courtesy of Shopify. Co-work space and shelving ideas.

Working from home these days? Maybe you have a student that requires an area to attend school virtually? Or maybe you just need an office/organizational area that provides you a desk for your computer, storage, and or a work area. Whatever the case might be, Top Shop Countertops in Green Bay, Wisconsin, can help you create that desired space. Here are four things you’ll need to consider when creating an office or co-share work space at home.

Location – Location, location, location. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your office, so think about where you are placing it within your home. Do you prefer to be by a window that would allow natural light in. Will it be easily accessible, not far off the beaten track? How well do you work, would you rather be tucked away in a closet space, or in the open? Will you have more than one individual using this space, so what is the best location for everyone involved? These are all questions that will provide you with the perfect office space.

Lighting. It’s probably not the first thing to enter your mind when thinking about designing an office space, but nonetheless, it is important. Author, Jasmine Harding, suggests several types of lighting options in the article, 11 Home Office Lighting Ideas for a More Productive Work Space (Bob Vila, 2021). It’s important to choose lighting that works for you. As an example, by using smart bulbs, you can control your office lighting from anywhere. This may be a convenience you want, or not. Maybe you don’t like clutter, so a cordless lamp might be right up your lighting alley. Track lighting can aim the lighting to where it needs to be, and if you are looking for colorful ambient lighting, you might think about adding LED strips around the perimeter of your desk, a bookcase or even along the floor to create a glow in your workspace.

Workflow and Comfort. According to the article “10 tips for Designing your home office” (HGTV,2021) “Your desk, shelves and storage should serve you, not the other way around.” Think about your workflow, and how you are going to use the space, make sure it’s functional first and fits the style of your home. (Hunker, 2022) Hilary Matt, of Hilary Matt Interiors, tells Hunker that “larger desks and emphasis on comfort” will be top of mind going into the new year.” People are realizing that their work from home [space] is becoming more permanent and they should spend time making it as comfortable as possible,” Matt says. Allowing room or a sitting area for taking breaks is going to be a trend in 2022 as well.

Photo showcasing a rest area for taking breaks or decompressing in your home office.

Photo compliments ofJordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Desk Features and Design – This is where the Top Shop Countertops experts can assist you in determining the best workspace countertop for your office area. If you are looking for more economical countertops and desk work areas, you might want to consider laminate. Typically an office desk doesn’t get a lot of wear and tear, however if you will be utilizing your office for something different like crafting, you might want to go the solid surface route. Why? Because laminate breaks down with heavy use. It doesn’t do well in high-moisture environments either, with a solid surface made for high use and high-moisture environments. 

Another thing to consider is the type of surface you will need. Think about how you will be utilizing the space. A rough or textured surface may not work with a workspace that you will be writing on. Even though laminate is durable, it scratches easier than solid surface. However, if you do go with laminate, you may want to choose a light color might be better because most scratches tend to be light in color. According to “How to Select Laminate Countertops” (Family Handyman, 2019) “If you love a deep color, find a pattern in that color that’ll help disguise scratches. Test this yourself by taking a color chip and dragging the coarse bottom of a coffee cup across it, and then a steak knife and a pizza cutter. Check the visibility of the scratches.” For information on choosing the best finishing for your laminate countertops, check out this recent article from TopShop Countertops. 

Looking for inspiration? Maybe you have an old table or desk gathering dust, and you’d like to refurbish it with a new laminate top. (see photo below)  Formica is one of our trusted partners, let us help you with an existing workspace, and provide you with a new life, and a fresh new look if that is what you are looking for.

Photo courtesy of Formica showing a new countertop added to an existing desk, breathing new life into this office space.

To review, if you are creating a workspace there are 4 things you need to think about. 1) Location, 2) Lighting 3) Workflow and Comfort and 4) Desk Features and Design. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Call Topshop Countertops at (920) 434-4551 for more information on designing your office space or visit our showroom at 2170 Speaker Court, in Green Bay, Wisconsin You’ll be glad you did.