What is solid surface, and why should I use it in my home?

In the market today, you have a seemingly infinite quantity of options. Solid surface is one of those options, and in this article we break down what defines a solid surface, and why it just might be the perfect choice for your home or business (or both)!


Solid surface is a non-porous, man-made, synthetic material – usually of acrylic or polyester. It first came into existence over 40 years ago when Corian® was created. But it has come a long way since then! Once the initial patent expired, competitors joined the market and began to create even more upscale, innovative new types – with hundreds of color options and virtually endless shapes and functions. Just as with real stone, it comes with a variety of edge options. The solid surface of today is able to be completely customized to your wants and needs, and is popular for residential use as well as industrial and commercial.


It is resilient, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and does not harbor bacteria, making it more and more popular with consumers. Because of its versatility, it has unlimited potential and is utilized in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals and airports to bars, museums, and kitchen and vanity countertops. It can be manufactured in sheet form for production of countertops, or poured into molds for things like bathtubs and furniture. It also comes with a guarantee from most manufacturers, for at least 10 years. Solid surface is priced to compete with natural stone or quartz, with the polyester-based solid surface being less expensive.




Solid surface truly shines in high traffic areas. It is extremely durable and is resistant to scratching, chemicals, stains, and more. If it does scratch, it is easy to repair – you can call a professional for larger marks or, for smaller scratches, it is easy to use a fine grain sandpaper to remove the mark yourself. A simple fix, no need to replace it or purchase a new countertop! We know what you’re thinking – How is it this easy? Solid surface is manufactured to be solid all the way through – this means that every single inch of your countertop, from top to bottom, is just as durable as the visible surface. With that many layers of strength and protection, it can hold more weight, and it also makes it less likely to chip or crack than a natural stone or laminate. Where a material like ceramic tile can chip easily and be hard to repair – it might involve cutting through grout and taking out tiles to replace – solid surface will stand strong without a mark.


Aesthetically Pleasing and Low Maintenance


With the boundless color and visual texture options, you’ll find the perfect asset to your home or business. Solid surface also has invisible seaming, so there is nothing to get in the way of the aesthetic or to mar the appearance to the naked eye. No grout or mismatched grains –  just smooth, beautiful material. It is non-porous, so it also never requires any sealing or finishing that natural stones like soapstone or marble frequently need. No marking your calendar to “reseal your countertop,” ever! As an added bonus, the higher durability of the material and the decreased vulnerability to scratching means it will always have that fresh, brand-new form you fell in love with. You might like it so much you’ll want more! Good news, this lovely and low maintenance surface can also be used as backsplashes, and more!


Solid surface comes in a variety of options that can mimic the look of a natural stone, but there will still be some noticeable difference. With the new quartz composite solid surface, usually about 90% quartz with 10% binder, you get the look of the natural stone, but with the increased durability and low maintenance of a solid surface. With an engineered stone like the quartz composite, you get all the attraction of having natural stone, with all the durability and perks an engineered surface has to offer. This can be a great solution for those wanting a more glamorous appearance.


Bacteria Free


Fighting germs can be exhausting! The reason solid surface is a popular selection for hospitals and medical offices is because it is a very hygienic surface. We mentioned non-porous is convenient because it doesn’t require any special care or sealing. Well, it is also terrific because there is nowhere for the bacteria to go! It keeps dirt and grime from accumulating in the surface of the counter and has none of the bacteria that natural stone can accumulate. Because it is considered seamless, there is no grout or cracks for bacteria to get caught in either. Solid surface seams are nearly nonexistent because the material is attached to another slab using bonding adhesive, creating such a tight seam that it is essentially invisible. If you want to extend this germ-free zone to your sink, they actually make solid surface sinks as well! They can have the same invisible seam, eradicating any place for water collection or for mold and bacteria to thrive.


Solid surface has earned it’s keep in the industry, and it is absolutely one of the best options on the market today. It won’t take up any of your time with maintenance, it has countless color options and shapes to fit any space and use, and they will last a lifetime! Especially if your counter or backsplash area will be a larger surface, this is the way to go.