Six Tips to help eliminate Kitchen Counter Clutter

Kitchen clutter. Some of us have more of it than others. In an article written by Heather Lavin, How to Declutter Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps to Save Money, (Lavin, 2020), says that decluttering your kitchen can save you money and make you healthier. Another article, “A Cluttered Kitchen Can Nudge Us To Overeat”, (Aubrey, 2016) wrote about a study published in the journal Environment and Behavior found that people in cluttered, chaotic kitchens consumed twice as many calories as those in neat, tidy kitchens. People that feel out of control, and a messy environment can increase that feeling, tend to eat more, especially junk food. If you want to feel good, and have less stress, start with your kitchen countertops. Here are six steps to keeping clutter off of the countertops.

Tip One: Eliminate or dispose of extra gadgets in your drawers. By doing this, you will be able to make more room and purge items. Having three sets of measuring cups is totally unnecessary, and it causes space issues for the kitchen. In a recent article, “6 Ways to Keep Kitchen Counters Clutter Free” (Bell, 2016) according to Kay Gallegos, she recommends purging any extra utensils, plastic containers and dishes before you start your organizing.

Tip Two: Get rid of appliances or kitchen accessories that aren’t necessary to have on the counter. A simple example, the knife block that we may have received as a wedding gift. It takes up unnecessary space, and knives can be easily stored in a drawer flat and take up much less space than on the counter. Another example, the can opener. Invest in a can opener that can be mounted to the wall.

Tip Three: Relocate items that aren’t frequently used in the kitchen. As an example; I have a salad spinner, and a deep fryer that are located in my small pantry. These items are used at the most six times a year, and take up a lot of space. By finding a shelf in the basement or cabinet out of the kitchen it opens up cabinet space for items that you use everyday.

Tip Four: Utilize additional shelving, hooks or organizing units in your cabinets. There are a lot of new and improved gadgets that are available to help you stay organized in the kitchen and to save space. Rev-A-Shelf is a brand name that you can find on Amazon, Wayfare, Home Depot, Menards and Walmart. Rev-A-Shelf provides shelving you can install in your cupboards to meet all your organizational needs. From pull-out-baskets and shelves, base organizers and fillers, door units, dividers and more. See for inspiration and ideas. Even this modern day dish rack shown from Home Depot is another space organizer that makes sense. 

Rev-va-shelf cabinet accessories for organization.

Tip Five: If you have wall space, use it! Organizing pots and pans on your wall is easy with brackets, wall organizers, or even floating shelves for spices. An excellent place to start is below is an example of how you can utilize wall space to clear clutter off of your kitchen countertops and make kitchen gadgets more accessible and visible when working in the kitchen.

Creative wall organizer sold on Wayfare.

Tip Six: Use Creative Storage to help organize your kitchen. Get creative, think outside of the box organizing your countertops. Reuse containers, jars, under the cabinet fixtures, old boxes and bins. There are a lot of creative solutions available. Check out some of these great hacks here 48 Easy Kitchen Storage Hacks And Solutions That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Life 

Modern Day Dish Rack sold at Home Depot

Now that you have a few extra tips for keeping your countertops less cluttered, we’d love to hear from you to see what additional tips you can provide us. Email your ideas and pictures to us at so we can share the inspiration in future blogs we write. Need more ideas on organizing your home? Check out this article “7 Books to Help You Declutter & Organize Your Home”. One of our favorites, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo is on the list should be on yours too.

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