Ideas to Make Your Basement a Unique and Special Living Space

In today’s world, we are often so busy with the hectic pace of day to day living and dedication to careers and commitments that attention to our own home living space can take a back seat to our other obligations.  This often results in cluttered rooms and unkempt areas as we just don’t seem to have the time to keep everything well organized. Also, the accumulation of stuff and the tendency to hold on to things we don’t need can cause an ever-increasing sense of this clutter and disorganization.  For our own sanity and peace of mind, it’s important to have a designated area to relax and just be, to kick back and rest and enjoy each other or spend time alone in quiet. This is where the often-under-utilized basement provides an area that might not have previously seemed like a space that could be used for this reason.  Do you want to add a special room in your basement? Here are some recreational and entertaining ideas for your next project.

Start with the open space your basement offers.  Trending home designs are toward more open spaces instead of traditionally closed-off rooms.  This offers the feeling of freedom and warmth and invites the community as opposed to claustrophobic or stuffy small rooms.  Most basements are laid out this way, so you can naturally incorporate this into your design. There are many themes you can follow to create your recreational basement space, but keep in mind this should be a place of enjoyment followed by function.

One entertainment theme you could follow is music.  Think about constructing a space in which to make it, if you are a musician, like a home studio.  This could include everything from installing recording equipment to soundproofing the walls. You could add cosmetic décor that suits this theme, such as posters or pictures of artists you emulate, vintage instruments, decorative lighting, and more.  This is your space, so have fun with it. If you’re more of a music listener than music maker, you could create a unique listening space. Add the same type of décor, even soundproofing if you like to play it loud. Again, creative lighting would help to ensure the sort of ambience you are seeking.  The options of music players is diverse too- surround sound would be nice, and this could be supplied by everything from digital players to vintage record players.

Maybe you enjoy entertaining people, a bar theme might be right up your alley. If you’re into sports and want an area to hang out with friends in your own home,a sports themed atmosphere might be just what you need. Top Shop Countertops can help create that perfect bar, table or counter to go along with your favorite football team.

Home entertainment theaters are also a very fun and popular idea.  There are many adornments that can enhance this experience.  You could add comfortable theater style seating, a nice sound and light system, and a projector screen.  To carry the idea further, think of quirky themed accessories like a popcorn or cotton candy machine.

Another idea for your basement might be for the hobbyist. Do you have a special hobby and in the need of an area to work? Maybe you love to bake, sew, paint or even read. Think about creating an environment for your unique hobby. 

While the options and ideas for your basement space are endless, keep in mind that there is the practical side to take into consideration.  First and foremost, a basement is built for storage. This doesn’t mean that it must be obvious or boring, however. If you are going to be spending much time in your basement entertainment space, there are certain amenities that you can include that will also provide storage.  Bathrooms are a big plus, as is a kitchen area. Depending on what you’re doing in the space, you are going to want work areas and table space as well. The most efficient ways to blend all of these and keep the open floor idea is to build cabinets on the outer walls, in bathrooms, and in the kitchen area.  This will give you surface area without cluttering the interior and provide storage space within the cabinets.

With cabinets, vanities, and tables, come countertops.  Beyond the focal point of the theme, like your instrument station or movie screen, your countertops will receive the most use and attention.  Therefore, it is prudent to carefully consider countertops in your renovation. You’ll want the whole space to be aesthetically and cosmetically appealing, as well as functional, and you and your guests will be spending a lot of time around your surface space and countertop areas.  Carefully consider your color scheme, lighting options, and wall and floor colors when choosing your countertops. Also, think about the function they will serve for the specific area. Will you be placing food and beverages here? Use something that is resistant to those. Will it be a writing area?  Choose a surface that will make this comfortable and easy. 

Many progressive designers, both amateur and professional, are building basement spaces to reflect the feel of the main house.  They serve as a continuation of the style and should reflect other common areas. Consider matching your lights, countertops, and colors to common areas upstairs such as the main kitchen and bathroom.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when creating your new and exciting special basement recreation space.  And remember the essentials will be the most important choices, such as the theme of the design and the high-use spaces like countertops.  If you are not sure of where to start, check out Pinterest for some different ideas.  When you are ready, contact the experts at Top Shop Countertops in Green Bay, Wisconsin for your next basement project. Only a phone call away 920-434-4551, Top Shop has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Visit the website for more ideas and information on Top Shop right here.