5 Tips on Organizing Your Kitchen Countertops

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With the new year upon us, many of us seek ways to declutter and organize our lives. Some of us use the new year to create better-eating habits. What if we could help you do both? According to a recent study messy kitchens can trigger bad eating habits. Creating a simplified lifestyle starting with your kitchen cabinets can help you with your new year’s resolutions. Here are five tips for organizing your kitchen countertops.


#1 Utilize Walls. Taking advantage of wall space is another example of how to declutter your countertops according to a recent blog on “Beach Life Bliss”– Many people forget that walls provide great storage solutions. Expand storage by adding floating shelves (see below), cup hooks, and magnetic strips to store things like cups, utensils, or cookbooks off the countertops and within easy reach.



#2. Ditch the countertop clutter. Clutter on the counter gives you less workspace. Take a look at your countertops. What’s laying out? Do you have medicine bottles, paper, pens, food, or other items? Countertops can be a catch-all for many. Either throw it out or find a place for it other than your countertops. Maybe that means going through each cabinet and discarding expired medicines and foods so you have room for them in your cabinets.


#3 Outsource a Nearby Wall. It’s possible that you are limited on wall space, so head on over to a nearby room or hallway to create some extra storage space as seen in this photo below, compliments of Spiro Georgi.


#3 Eliminate Small Appliances. Countertops can often be a home for small appliances, like toaster ovens, mix masters, coffee pots, toasters, or deep fryers. Evaluate your countertops and store appliances away, that doesn’t get used often to help keep your countertops clutter-free.


#4 Use Trays. According to an article by Apartment Therapy, if you feel the need for some items to be located on the countertop because they might be used more frequently, use a decorative tray to keep it looking organized and clutter-free. By using a tray, you also limit the number of items you put on the tray.


#5 Keep a Trash Bowl on Hand. A trash bowl on your counter is an great idea from a recent article by Kitchen Town. The countertop can be a catch-all for any member of your household. The trash bowl is a temporary holder of small items and accessories like keys, pens, nuts/bolts, and mail. This can be a great tool as long as it is emptied on a regular basis.


Let’s recap. Eliminating clutter on your countertops can not only simplify your life, make baking easier, but it can also help you make the right food choices as well. Here are five tips for organizing your kitchen countertops. 1) Use Walls to help hang items. 2) Ditch the countertop clutter by evaluating what is clutter and what is not. 3) Eliminate small appliances that are not used as often by storing them. 4) Use decorative trays on the counter to keep things tidy and looking visually appealing. 5) Use a Trash Bowl to quickly collect items that end up on your countertop. If you’re looking for other ways to add unique storage areas to your kitchen or any cabinet in your home, connect with Top Shop Countertops located at 2170 Speaker Court, Green Bay, Wisconsin or visit the website at https://countertopsgreenbay.com.